Guide for Authors

The Editorial Process

To speed up publication, and to ensure a unified layout throughout the journal, we require the exclusive use of LaTeX, hence we provide both a class file and a sample file (useful as a template) that authors must use to typeset their works. Please note that we cannot accept electronic files produced on any other typesetting or word processing system.

Preparation of Manuscripts

The class file (lmns.cls) and the sample file (example.tex), ready for use with the newer LaTeX versions (LaTeX2e), can be downloaded from:

http://www.lm-ns.org/files/lmns_style.zip(external link)

As you can see in "lmns_example.tex", the first lines in your document should be



\lmnsTitle[Short title]{Libertas Mathematica (new ser.) Sample}

% the author names format is: First_name Family_name (eg., John Miller)
\lmnsAuthors[Author One et al.]{Author One, Author Two and Author Three}

\lmnsAbstract{This paper is a sample prepared to illustrate the use of the \LaTeX{2e} document class \texttt{lmns}.}

\lmnsKeywords{Differential equations, mathematical analysis, function spaces, operator theory, differential geometry, algebraic geometry.}

% information for authors: please visit http://www.ams.org/mathscinet/msc/msc2010.html to find the MSC2010 of your paper
\lmnsMSC{34A60, 47J25}

\lmnsContact{Author One}{Department of Mathematics, Western University, Ohio 43403, USA}{one@math.university.edu}

\lmnsContact{Author Two}{Department of Mathematics, California University, Los Angeles 51132, USA}{two@math.university.edu}

\lmnsContact{Author Three}{Department of Mathematics, Australian National University, Canberra ACT 2601, Australia}{three@math.university.edu}


\section{A Section Head}


\begin{definition} This is an example of definition.  We say that $x\in X$ is a \emph{critical point} of $\varphi\in C^{1}\left(X\right)$
if $\varphi^{\prime }\left(  x\right)  =0.$

\begin{proposition} This is an example of proposition. If $\varphi:X\rightarrow\mathbb{R}$ is a locally Lipschitz functions which
attains a local extrema (local minimum or local maximum) at $x\in X$ then
0\in\partial\varphi\left(  x\right)  . \label{8}%
where $x\rightarrow\partial\varphi\left(  x\right)  $ is the (Clarke) \textit{generalized subdifferential} of $\varphi.$

\begin{remark} This is an example of remark. Hypothesis $\mathbf{H}\left(  f\right)  \left(  v\right)  $ implies that the
nonlinearity $f\left(  z,.\right)  $ exhibits a sublinear growth near the origin).

\begin{example} This is an example of an `example'. The following function satisfies hypotheses $\mathbf{H}\left(  f\right)  $:%
f_{1}\left(  x\right)  =x^{r-1}-x^{p-1}\text{ with }r\in\left(  p,p^{\ast
}\right)\text{, for all }x\geq0.
\begin{theorem} This is an example of a theorem. If $X$ is a Banach space, $\varphi\hspace{-0.08cm}\in\hspace{-0.08cm}C^{1}%
(X)$,........, then $c\geq\beta$ and $c$ is a critical value of $\varphi$.

The following is an example of a numbered list:
\item[$\mathbf{H}(f)\mathbf{:}$] The function
$f:\Omega\times\mathbb{R\rightarrow}\mathbb{R}$ is such that:
\item[$\left(  i\right)  $] for every $x\in\mathbb{R}$, $z\rightarrow f\left(
z,x\right)  $ is measurable;
\item[$\left(  ii\right)  $] for almost all $z\in\Omega$, $x\rightarrow
f\left(  z,x\right)  $ is continuous and $f\left(  z,0\right)  =0;$

\begin{theorem}[Brezis-Nirenberg Theorem] This is an example of a theorem with a parenthetical note in the

\noindent This is an example of a `cite': (see \cite{A}).

\begin{proof} This is an example of a proof. By virtue of hypothesis $\mathbf{H}\left(  f\right)  \left(  iv\right)  ,$ .....%

\noindent\textbf{Acknowledgement.} The authors wish to thank .......


\bibitem {A} T. Aoki, \newblock Calcul exponentiel des op\'erateurs microdifferentiels d'ordre infini, I, \textit{Ann. Inst. Fourier (Grenoble)}
\textbf{33} (1983), 227--250.
\bibitem {B} A. Carabineanu, N. Popa and S. Sburlan, \textit{Limit Problems in Continuos Mechanics} (in Romanian), \newblock Valahia University Press, Targoviste, 2011.
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\bibitem {C} R. Brown, \textit{On a Conjecture of Dirichlet}, Amer. Math. Soc., Providence, RI, 1993.
\bibitem{E}I. I. Dubbaa, \newblock{\em Contributions of the Theory of Topological Spaces},
\newblock Ph. D. Thesis, University of New Delhi, New Delhi, 1978.


All of the usual LaTeX and AMS-LaTeX commands can be used inside your document. The authors are highly recommended not to modify the class file (lmns.cls) by introducing personal settings and/or definitions, since such will be ignored by our system.

General Typesetting Remarks

We request, that neither overfull nor underfull boxes are contained in the text, that equations do not exceed the indicated text width, and that hyphenations as well as the page breaks have been checked. Pictures (if any) should not be in colour, their resolution should be at least 300 dpi, and all used fonts must be embedded.


Submission of a manuscript implies that:
  • the work described has not been published before;
  • the work is not under consideration for publication elsewhere;
  • the publication of the work has been approved by all co-authors, if any, as well as by the responsible authorities at the institution where the work has been carried out;
  • if and when the manuscript is accepted for publication, the authors agree to automatically transfer the copyright to the publisher;
  • the manuscript will not be published elsewhere in any language without the consent of the copyright holder;
  • the manuscript should be written in English.

Submission of Manuscripts

We offer authors, editors and reviewers of LM-NS the option of using our fully web-enabled online manuscript submission and review system. This system offers authors the option to track the progress of the review process in real time. All correspondence is done using the web system. Keeping backup copies of the submitted files is the authors’ responsibility.

Manuscripts should be submitted online at http://system.lm-ns.org(external link).